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Q. Why should I call a local locksmith?

A. When you use a locksmith call center, normally when you call an 800#, you could be reaching out to a company that is located out of state or even out of the country.  Many are legitimate services.  However, there are many scammers!  Calling a local locksmith like 903 Locksmith Services, you will be calling your neighbor…someone you can trust!

Q. I just bought a house.  Should I change the locks?

A. We definitely suggest that you rekey the existing lock.  You have no idea how many people were given a key by the previous owner.  Rekeying the lock will save you money!

Q. I’d like to have an additional remote keyless entry for my car.  Is that possible and how much will it cost?

A. Definitely!  Locksmiths can take care of that for you.  And, the cost varies from one vehicle to the next.  A quick call to your local locksmith will get you the answer for your specific vehicle.


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